What is a Montessori-Jewish fusion?

Manhattan Jewish Montessori is a fusion of a time-tested superior educational model (did you know that Anne Frank went to a Montessori school in Amsterdam in the 1940’s?) with a warm Jewish community experience, based on Jewish values and tradition.  We opened the doors of our progressive Jewish Midtown East preschool in September 2008 and delivered eight years of consistent excellence. In September 2016, we took our program to the next level, rebranding as Manhattan Jewish Montessori, reflecting a new Montessori-inspired curriculum to enhance our warm Jewish learning environment.


The Montessori method, pioneered by Italian developmental theorist and educator Maria Montessori (1870-1952) is based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood, and presents a deliberate educational program utilizing unique Montessori materials, a soothing and orderly environment, and one-to-one teaching to meet children at each developmental stage. The Chabad Preschool approach is a soul-focused, sensitive, joyful and inclusive model of Jewish values and tradition taught within a warm and caring community of educators, parents, and children.


We are the only school to fuse these two in Manhattan’s East Side.


The fusion of the Chabad Preschool and Montessori approaches offers a unique education that nourishes the whole child: heart, mind, body and soul.



Our nurturing program begins with a carefully crafted acclimation process that creates a feeling of trust and safety for the child. Our staff is conscious of every word spoken to the children in our care; our concern for their inner world is as obvious as our concern for each child’s safety and well-being.



Based on Montessori’s theories of child development, Manhattan Jewish Montessori offers a deliberate educational program which teaches independence, self-regulation, and preserves children’s natural curiosity and love of learning. Montessori students are known to be academically advanced, particularly in Maths and Literacy, and develop a natural inner discipline toward their studies, habits that last a lifetime. Parents no longer have to choose between this superior method and an education toward Jewish values.


Manhattan Jewish Montessori is housed in a beautiful bright boutique facility, complete with a private backyard in the heart of the city. MJM is a non-toxic, plant-rich environment. A wholesome snack and lunch menu is completely natural and mostly free of chemicals, food coloring and harmful pesticides.



Our teachers are warm, passionate and professional Jewish educators. Judaism is not a separate subject; it is woven into the activities of each day. Children are taught Jewish songs, stories, holidays and prayers in a spirited and deeply meaningful way. From Shabbat parties to Grandparents Seders, the entire family is enveloped in a joyful Jewish community experience.


As a lab school, MJM is constantly innovating and welcomes interested parents and educators. 

 In September of 2019, MJM opens the doors to our new boutique townhouse location in Sutton Place, an oasis of quiet in the heart of NYC. In a historic home with bright natural light, an enclosed backyard playspace and parks, riverfront esplanades and quiet streets surrounding, MJM is perfectly situated to provide a serene canvas for your child's first school experience.